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Desiree was born on the border between France and Germany, immigrated to the United States in 1949 and has since lived and traveled all over the globe. Her art is as varied as her background. She earned a BFA degree from Meisterschule Offenbach/Main, came to the United States where she earned a Master's degree in Linguistics and German literature at the American University in Washington D.C.studied at the "Corcoran Art Institute"also in Washington, DC, lived in the bush in Canada for 24 years and in the jungle by the ocean in Costa Rica for 12 years. In between she married an Army man, raised a family,worked for the Pentagon Language Institute, ran several galleries, scaled the Himalayas all the way to Mount Everest Base camp and recently traveled through Africa all the way from Cape Town to Cairo. She "retired" to Jacksonville in 2003 and has since been an active member of the community."

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